19 Wrestlers Who Should Have Never Stepped Foot In The Ring

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When it comes to professional wrestling, as rugged as it may seem when seen on TV, it’s a sport which requires, aside from physical strength, both remarkable skill and respecting some basic rules. Whereas there are some wrestlers the world will never forget, even after they are gone, there are others which by no means should have ever stepped their foot in a wrestling ring. The latter will be remembered as well (perhaps), but not all publicity is good publicity.  There is a selection of 19 such people who should have tried their luck, and pursued their career at another field.


1) David Arquette                                                                                                          (1 of 19)

After receiving a title he didn’t deserve which was granted to him for commercial purposes, David Arquette has definitely lost the very few fans that he had had. After his wrestling career, he focused on his acting, which according to us, is something he should have done in the first place.


2) Giant Gonzalez                                                                       (2 of 19)

When he appeared from the first time, his robust figure made some people assume that he was going to be just as ‘big’ in the ring. However, the truth is that he lacked both strength and skills to be called a professional wrestler.
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