Top 16 Rivalries In WWE NXT History

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This WWE division is already becoming massively popular, especially on the West Coast. It started as an experiment back in 2012, but continues to grow with each fight, as a separate WWE wrestling competition. People turn their attention to this brutal, highly entertaining sport, especially since it produces amazing rivalries. There are no favorites, as they all want the same thing – fame and the NXT Championship belt. Anyhow, it’s time for you to find out more about the greatest rivalries in the history of NXT, men and women combined.


1) Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn                                                                                  (1 of 16)


Believe it or not, these two were once best friends. Despite this fact, they’ve been fighting ever since Owens made his debut in the NXT Championship. At one point, Owens turned his back on Zayn, so the latter now uses every opportunity to pay him back. Zayn also suffered two losses in the Takeover. Everyone can see the fire between these two.


2) Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte                                                                                    (2 of 16)

These two just can’t stop pulling each other’s hairs. You already know what Sasha Banks is capable of, but Charlotte isn’t to be underestimated, too, and has more than proven it by winning the Championship. And to think they were once part of the ‘Beautiful, Fierce Females’ tag team.

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