13 Wrestlers That Are Ridiculously Underpaid

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3) Xavier Woods                                          (3 of 13)

Xavier Woods is a professional wrestler in possession of great skill and talent. However, the guys paying him do not reward his hard work and his commitment adequately. Xavier is, one of the least paid male wrestlers. His annual income is 200 grand, and not a cent more. He appears on air more often than his better paid colleagues, still that’s how much he earns. What a pity.

4) Adrian Neville                                              (4 of 13)

It is possible that it was Neville’s bad luck what played a significant part in his low annual paycheck, because he got a bad injury which kept him from wrestling for some time, right at the time when he was becoming more and more famous. After his injury, his annual income is $200.000, an annual income which is not very appealing for someone who’s already a star.
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