13 Wrestlers That Are Ridiculously Underpaid

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5) Zack Ryder                                                  (5 of 13)

When the WWE and the audience are not on the same page about you, that means everyone will act according to their beliefs. Zack Ryder is a wrestler who has managed to earn the sympathies of many, and is a full-time wrestler earns much less than he deserves. There aren’t many full time wrestlers who earn an annual salary of $320.000.


6) Big E Lanston                                                (6 of 13)

It may come as a surprise, but there’s nothing big about Big E’s annual salary. When he appeared for the first time, his low salary didn’t come as shock to anyone, since it’s expected. However, now, being in The New Day means that he passed the beginner stage a long time ago, and his paycheck should be higher than 350 grand. He has definitely earned it.


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