19 Wrestlers Who Are Surprisingly Broke

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3) Joey Mercury                                                               (3 of 19)

Also known as Adam Birch, he was a professional wrestler who has won the tag team championship a few times. After he got fired, he continued with his drug and alcohol addiction which has been with him since he was only a teenager, and that’s what has led him to go bust for some time. He didn’t have enough money for his mortgage payment, and now of his colleagues took advantage of the situation to intervene and buy it out. He’s a professional wrestling manager now, plus he’s sober which is of even greater importance, but his former fortune is lost and gone for good and all.

4) Dynamite Kid                                                                       (4 of 19)

Dynamite Kid is a wrestler who managed to really live up to his stage name by showing tremendous success. However, repetitive injuries, and a steady drug addiction have led him to lose both his money, and the function of one of his legs.
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