15 Moments That The WWE Pretends Didn’t Happen

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Ever since it became popular, until today, the WWE has got a lot to brag about. It has managed to promote professional wrestling and witness some of the best historic moments of wrestling and broadcast sport in general. But, as in every organization, as in every individual career, there are both ups and downs. Being popular for such a long time is a sort of pressure and challenges. As in every good thing in this world, once it becomes very popular, it’s bound to undergo a period of challenges, and it’s up to the determination and some good luck whether that good thing will vanish into thin air as if it never existed, or will come back stronger. After all, it’s those challenges that tell us if something has achieved great success and popularity. Apparently, the WWE was not immune to these challenging situations. Let’s look into some of them.


1) Triple H’s necrophilia                                                     (1 of 15)

This is one of the moments when Triple H has probably lost most of his fans. It was a really harsh strike below the belt, something he should have never thought of doing. It was a slander involving his opponent, Kane of necrophilia, more precisely about an act involving the corps of his late girlfriend Katie Vick. He even “proved” this statement by footage in which he was pretending to be Kane.


2) Hulk Hogan’s tape                                                                                                      (2 of 15)

Hulk Hogan is the guy who brought WWE lots of fame, money, and a better reputation. He was a legend before WWE became as popular as it is today. However, as many stars would do, he was involved in many scandals, from hate speech and racist comments, to sex tape scandal from which he made lots of dough.
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