21 Hottest Pics Of WWE Divas In Yoga Pants

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The world of WWE isn’t all about muscles, blood and fights. WWE has a very gentle side, also known as the Divas of the Women’s Championship. Now you know why most male fans have been watching more women than men fights lately. Rosa, Trish, Sasha and Summer are but some of the divas fighting for prestige in this division. No matter if they’re rookies or veterans, these ladies look nothing short of amazing and already have huge fan bases. Here’s what I’m talking about.


1) Kaitlyn                                                   (1 of 21)

Celeste Braun (or Kaitlyn) turns 30 in October, yet she looks like a 22-year-old. Upon retiring, this gorgeous businesswoman spends most of her free time working out. Back in 2013, she became the new WWE Divas Champion.


2) Becky Lynch                                          (2 of 21)

This amazing Irish wrestler will leave you speechless. Even with that grumpy face, you can’t resist her after a good workout. Becky has been in the main roster for over a year now, previously being active in NXT.
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