21 Things You Didn’t Know About Goldberg

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William Scott Goldberg, better known as Bill Goldberg has had a rich and varied career in sports. Even in his college days, he knew the path his career would take, what he less knew at the time was that he would start with football to end up as a professional wrestler. Neither his parents were involved with sports, his dad was a musician, whereas his mom – a doctor.  He’s won the heavyweight championship not once, but twice, and he’s still in great shape, although his 50th birthday is only months away. Nevertheless, all these things are well known. Let’s dwell on the things that are less known about him. Here are 21 surprising facts about this great star.


1)   Religious                                                                (1 of 21)

His family is Jewish and he was raised in the fashion of the Jewish tradition. The way in which he was raised has reflected on his in-ring appearance. You’ve surely noticed his tefilin wrapping, but do you know the reason why it’s there?  He’s wearing it to honor the memory of the four murdered Israeli rabbis.


2)    Commemoration                                                                   (2 of 21)

While still at the incident which ended tragically for the four rabbis, there is a video of him reciting a Sheba to raise awareness against violence. Needless to say, he’s wearing a tefilin on the occasion.

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