21 Photos From ‘Total Divas’ That You MUST See

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E!’s reality TV show, ‘Total Divas’ focuses on WWE’s female superstars, including life outside the ring. From Nikki Bella to Alicia Fox and Maryse, each and every one of these beauties has its own charm, which makes the show even more popular. The fifth season finished in April this year, but a sixth one is already planned for this fall. Viewers especially like the uncut ‘behind the scene’ events where they all really show what they think of each other. Let’s focus on the actual beauty for now, and see some pretty breathtaking photos of E!’s ‘Total Divas’ that will most likely get you to start watching the show.


1) Nikki Bella’s Red Hot Chili Peppers                                (1 of 21)

One of the best moments in the history of television. During this shot, she was talking with Natalya about matters of the heart, but I am pretty sure no one heard what it was all about. We all focused on more important matters at the moment, right?


2)  Rosa Mendes & Paige’s Passionate Kiss                                (2 of 21)

Some would kill to see this happening in front of them. Others would gladly give all their fortunes to experience such sight in person. What about the rest? Well, we recorded this scene and play it each time we feel sad, to cheer us up. It actually works.
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