21 Shocking Facts About Brooke Hogan

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When someone mentions Brooke Ellen Bolea, not many seem to have a clue who the person is talking about. When you say Brooke Hogan, it’s a completely different story. She is the daughter of the notorious Hulk Hogan, and aside from being a model, actress, and singer, and TV and reality show star, she nurtures the image of daddy’s princess, since she’s always been very active and adamant when she needs to come to his defense. She even hosted a reality show together with her dad. However, there are many more things one needs to know about this special show biz personality.


1) ‘Hogan Knows Best’                                                        (1 of 21)

Brooke is known to be active in many fields of the show business. However, the first thing that has made her popular was the reality show of her family “Hogan Knows Best”. If you haven’t watched it (since it was more than ten years ago when it first aired), deep down you’re sure it’s nothing you would see on Keeping up with the Kardashians, for example.


2) Ups and downs                                                        (2 of 21)

As for her music career, her debut album in 2006, called “Undiscovered” has turned out to be a real success. One of the songs from this album, “About Us”, even made it to Top 40 on the Billboard top list. With such a kickoff start, no one could really expect that the second album, called “The Redemption” from 2009 would prove to be such a failure. Unfortunately, we didn’t witness its 15 minutes of fame. Save for its album cover which made it to the top 50 of worst album cover designs.
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