We Can’t Believe How Much They Make! The 21 Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers!

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WWE is a very profitable sport, though you’ll have to spend years of blood, sweat, and tears to earn your place among the champions. Those who’ve made it to the big league are the ones most aware of the price they paid for all the success, fame and of course, cash they gathered over the years. Millions and millions of bucks are made each year, so it’s fair to say that wrestlers are getting their cut based on what they’ve achieved in the past season. This is a list of the top 20 wrestlers with the highest income so far, so try comparing these with your yearly salary.


1) Rey Mysterio                                 (1 of 21)

The legend made a deal with WWE about getting his own line of products under the organization’s name. This brought him a fortune and he’s now “weighing” about $9 million. Not bad, Rey!


2) Dave Batista                             (2 of 21)

The six-time World Heavyweight Champion is worth more than ten million bucks, having started 16 years ago and finally retired in 2014.
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