15 Shocking WWE Returns That You Didn’t See Coming

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It’s the world of show business, and as the very term puts it, the ‘show’ part is very important in order to keep the ball rolling. Surprise moments are crucial for an exciting show, preceded by an imposed feeling of suspense and expectation. In the world of wrestling, the comebacks of the favorite wrestlers who haven’t been in the ring for a while are used for the surprise factor. However, it’s not about whether you do it, but HOW you do it. There are many wrestlers whose comeback was the scripted surprise and didn’t get a big break. Following are some wrestlers’ comebacks and their outcomes.


1) The Royal Rumble 2011                                     (1 of 15)

Among many things, they were famous for the glorious comeback of Kevin Nash, or better known as Diesel. This particular comeback, however, was not totally unexpected. It’s the way of his comeback which nobody saw coming. This is so because after his promise that he would never play with the Diesel character, at Royal Rumble ’11 he did exactly what he had promised he wouldn’t do.


2) 2008 edition – Cena’s return                                             (2 of 15)

Another proof that Royal Rumble can be full of surprises is the show back in 2008 when the most loyal of fans have had the amazing opportunity of witnessing the return of the one and only John Cena after he had been absent for some months due to pectoral muscle injury. Unlike the case with Diesel, this comeback has been a total surprise.  It is not the first time that John Cena comes back in the ring much sooner than expected. He’s a real survivor and an outstanding professional.
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