17 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The McMahon Family

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In the case of McMahons, wrestling talent sure runs in the family. Also, unlike so many brilliant and talented people out there, they are smart enough to put their talent to good use and make a business out of it. Their life supports the claim that it takes one person with an idea, determination, and hard work to serve as inspiration to the whole family. When that person is the head of the family, things can’t get better than that. We’re talking about Vincent McMahon, a man who started small, as a sports commentator and worked and fought his way to live the American dream, together with his family. In this article, however, we are going to dwell on his kids, famous wrestling stars as well: Shane and Stephanie McMahon, and things you probably didn’t know about them.


1) Older brother                                                                                                            (1 of 17)

Stephanie McMahon was born at the time when the family has been experiencing one of their big breaks. Staying successful the way Vince and Linda were sure is demanding. That meant, of course, less time for Stephanie who grew up in the safe hands of her older brother.


2) Short names                                                                                    (2 of 17)

If Stephanie McMahon sounds too long for you, what would you say if you were told that her middle name was ‘Marie’? Add it in the middle and add her husband’s last name at the end, and you have a super long name. We now understand the practical reason because of which, she was known by most as Steph McMahon.

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