15 Shocking WWE Returns That You Didn’t See Coming

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3) Daniel Bryan’s 2010 return                                               (3 of 15)

The release from WWE of Daniel Bryan has been a rather dramatic event in the wrestling history preceded by a shocking event of him trying to choke Justin Roberts. Although Bryan didn’t win the sympathies of his fans as he would wish, however, his comeback at Summerslam 2010 was greeted happily by the audience, which has proved to the WWE that bringing him back in the ring has certainly been a good idea, both for him, and for the organization.

4) Ric Flair’s Raw return in 2001                                                (4 of 15)

What is more exciting than seeing a big star that hasn’t been around for more than 10 years in a glorious comeback? Seeing your favorite star come back as the co-owner of the WWE. You’re guessing, we are talking about Ric Flair’s comeback full of glory on Raw, 2001. He has chosen the right moment when he had everyone’s attention, before the time of the champion’s coronation.
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