13 Wrestlers That Are Ridiculously Underpaid

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Aside from being a competitive sport, wrestling is business too. Therefore if you want to get rich and get paid as much as you deserve, and maybe even more, and that is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise when someone tells you that being a good wrestler does not necessarily mean having a big fat paycheck. If you want to make big money, you’ve got to possess entrepreneurial spirit, aside from having the gift, you’ve got to know how to sell it well. There are many wrestlers however, who weren’t quite aware of this when first stepping into this cruel world, and here are some of them.


1) Lana                                                                 (1 of 13)

Wrestling doesn’t always come with a lot of money, and such is the case with the famous Lana who, although took part in a single match, her charisma has helped her win the hearts of thousands of fans. Seriously, making less than 100 grand a year can surely make you wonder if it’s worth the trouble. Her annual income amounts to 70 grand, which is definitely not a lot of money, which comes as a shock since being as underpaid as she is, you run the risk of killing the goose who lays the golden eggs.


2) Summer Rae                                              (2 of 13)

Still underpaid, however, better paid than Lana is Summer Rae. Making a little bit more than 100 thousand dollars a year is crumbs for someone as devoted and successful as Summer Rae is. Let’s not forget the great number of fans she’s got. Having an annual salary of $120.000 is just too little, even for a newbie, let alone an already formed professional.
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