15 Wrestlers Whose Lives Fell Apart After Leaving WWE

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5) Curt Hennig                                                                       (5 of 15)

Curt Hennig was a true WWE gem, however, Mr. Perfect as he was known in the ring had two weaknesses – alcohol and drugs. These two have lead him to his own demise at the age of 44.


6) Mike von Erich                                                                    (6 of 15)

The Von Erich family is known for the tragic deaths of its members. One such tragedy happened to one of the sons, Mike von Erich. Things started getting out of hand when after a shoulder surgery he was admitted to hospital with a very high BT. Brain damage in combination with too much alcohol and drugs, and a terrible car crash on top of it was something Mike couldn’t handle any longer so he put his own life to an end.

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